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Tapkeshwari Temple

One of the less explored sights around bhuj, it is only 8 kms from the town center. It is at the end of the road leading towards tapkeshwari temple and what a sight it is. Nestled
amongst rocks on 3 sides, it has a lovely approach. Temple is fairly old and can be visited quickly. What is more interesting is the cave formations a short walk up the hill. There are old houses, which are no longer inhabited, but contain the ancient carvings and markings.
the walkway upto the caves is slightly steep and you require good footwear to climb up the stone and sand areas. this area is fairly frequented so the walkway up is not hard to find. Once you get to the top, you will be happy you sweat so much on the way up.
Amazing sights on all sides, the natural cave formations are brilliant. We went during the rains and it was simply spectacular.